Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Clay Doodling away

First inch swap doodle
Yes, I've been doodling with clay. It started when I was making inchies for a swap. I used cane slices and sculpted bits and pieces. I also had fun with mica powders.
Then, for my second swap, I did one inchie set with the cane slice mix, and one with just sculpted components, and of course the mica powders (they are addictive).

Second inchie swap doodle (with cane slices)

Second inchie swap doodle (sculpted)

From there, I just went crazy. The following photo is a doodle created on a 4x6 inch ceramic tile. I'll probably mount it and frame it for my own enjoyment.

larger doodle 4x6 inch

Then came cabochons... And after that, pendants created in store-bought metal bezels. I never would have guessed that sculpting would be so much fun!
cabochon doodles

bezel doodles


Florrie said...

Wonderful! How exciting.

Yogi said...

I LOVE it! They all are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Jael is a creative genius. The beautiful way she puts her designs and colors together is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Jael, what kind of clay do you use? Is it epoxy?