Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I call 'em mandala style doodles.

But Jeannie Havel (pcPolyzine) called them Balinese filigree with a twist. You say potato, I say potahto... I think what really makes me excited is that not only do I love making them and love how they turned out, other people do, too!! What more could an artist ask for? And if - if!! - someone else is inspired in some way by what I've made, then JOY!!
Hearts side one

Hearts side two

Flat-backed cabs


Valerie said...

My goodness! What beautiful pendants. Do you sell these? I am very interested. I'm participating in Lori's BSBP also. I can't wait to see what you send your partner and what she creates with it. Let me know how I can own one of your beautiful heart pendants please!

Kathy said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Beautiful work!

Jael said...

Valerie, I'd be happy to sell you one. I suppose it would help if I actually put them up for sale somewhere. If you are interested in one that you see here, let me know.

Thank you both for your kind words.

Paula Kay Gilbert said...

I LOVE these! Let me know when they go up for sale.

Anonymous said...

Do you offer a tutorial on making these? I truly want to learn. They are beautiful!