Monday, November 4, 2013

"The Rose" Urn/Box

Here is the final, finished box for my mom's ashes. Needless to say, the transfer idea did not work out. It will reside in a columbarium at St. Paul's Cathedral in Peoria, IL. I suppose there might be those who think it's kind of silly to put work into something that will then be buried, but for me it was therapeutic. It gave me a chance to imagine what it would be like to create something for my mom one last time. I know she would have loved it, because she loved her children and was proud of their accomplishments.
I have a whimsical notion that some day in the distant future, an archeologist will find the box and have to work out the details of it: what it was made of and why. Perhaps I should laminate a photo of my mom along with the words to the song and place it in the box... Maybe her obituary, too. Make it a time capsule of sorts.
Next on the agenda: finishing the slide show for the memorial. One of my brothers and his wife have been working hard on getting some other presentations together, and arranging for a family dinner after the memorial.


Laurel said...

The box is just glorious. What a wonderful, wonderful tribute to your mom. I'm sure she would have loved it!

DJ said...

Jael, I was drawn to your blog from Pinterest where I saw the PC doodle cabs. When I read about the box it brought tears to my eyes. What a great way to honor your mom and give her one last gift. My mom always loved everything I made for her and, in her eyes, I was a great artist! I would have loved to send her "home" with a handmade gift. She also loved The Rose. Just wanted you to know this struck a chord with me. Best of luck and BEAUTIFUL work! -DJ in Houston

Jael said...

Thank you.