Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Bead Soup has arrived!! Ingredients revealed!

My creative bead soup partner has sent me my bead soup, and it's lovely. It's going to make me think outside my comfort zone/box and that's something I love to do.
I'm sorry, I put the neat little card upside down in this picture, but look at all the little numbered wrapped parcels!!
Clever recipe card!!

My brain is full of ideas. Let the simmering begin!

Now, if the dang clasp I ordered to send to my partner would arrive, I could send hers to her. Here is a creatively distorted picture of what I have put together for her soup (sans clasp). I have also been cleaning and sorting in my craft room, so there are things that will be included in the box that are not in the picture.


Heather d'Entremont said...

I adore the way she packaged that soup! How creative :)

LoriF said...

Wow, what a great soup!! Things are simmering in my brain, and I don't even have it LOL!! Have fun, can't wait to see what you make of it.