Friday, March 21, 2014

More bead soup stuff!!

I've been gathering potential extra ingredients for the bead soup Genea sent me, and waiting for her to receive my soup. She received my package today and says she likes it (insert smiley face here) so I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.

(My friend Bonnie and are also going to do a side swap of bead soups, since she was not able to sign up for the "official" bead soup swap. I'll post that swap separately after she and I meet.)

In case there are those who do not know what this Bead Soup Blog Party is all about... Here is some information from Lori Anderson's blog.

 She says:
Basic Facts:  

::  I pair you with another jewelry designer
by February 28th.  ::

::  You send each other a quality package of beads
by March 14th.  ::

 ::  You make one or more pieces of jewelry or art with those beads, 
incorporating beads from your own stash as needed.
The focal and clasp you were sent MUST be used, 
but don't have to be used in the same piece.  ::

::  You post your creation on the blog hop reveal day, May 3rd,
and you try to visit as many of the other designers' blogs. ::

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