Monday, September 21, 2009

Feeling the need for inspiration - help me and earn entrecard credits!

I'm in need of some... oomph!... creatively speaking. I've been deep in a slump, with no desire to touch clay in many many months.

My brother does improvisational comedy "sports" on weekends, and years ago when I attended a performance, they had a segment where the audience called out suggestions for a skit. I think I'd like to try the same thing here.

For those of you using Entrecard, it will earn you 50 Entrecard credits (up to the first 100 respondents). For those who aren't, you'll just be sending a little inspiration. Here's what I'd like my readers to do:

For the next week (Sept. 21 to Sept. 28), leave one comment with a subject, theme or idea. Even a story line like "Cinderella" would work. (You may leave more than one, but I'm only giving out one 50 card reward per person.) Be sure you are signed in with your entrecard blog if you would like the reward.

I'll use the themes as best I can, and post pictures.

Thank you!


Cindy Pack said...

Hi Jael!
I just posted a little blurb on my blog about Susan Mrosek of the Pondering Pool how she inspires me so much! Check it out if you have time. I know how you feel- we all go through that. I've actually turned away from clay this past year and gotten into metal. Maybe it's time for a new creative medium? Dare I say! Eek! :)

Ok- for a theme, I'd like to suggest the quote from the first quote on my blog post-

"I'll collect the tatters, the perfect pieces of me and notch them together in an informal pattern just to suggest myself.
Then I can start the welding process, and in a short breath, I'll be fine."

Hope I understood the request correctly! :)

Have a wonderful day! Cindy

Ginger said...

I am thinking Southwest or maybe beach themed.

storybeader said...

a theme? People always say if you don't know what to say, talk about the weather.

What about the changing of seasons?

I have two regular topics I write about: Almost Wordless Wednesday and, on Friday, Internet Artisan Interview. Do you want to be interviewed? You can talk about that after (or before...) it's done. Contact me! {:-Deb

storybeader said...

thanks so much for the EC credits. My offer to interview you still stands.
Even if you are not making new things, you still have your shops open.
Might bring new visitors... {:-Deb