Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm your handy WOman

We have a lot of things that need and have needed to be fixed in this house. And if they are going to get done... well, I'm generally the one to do them or hire someone. I know I'm dating myself when I say that I always wanted to be like Irene Lorenzo on All in the Family... it drove Archie bunker crazy that she was the one who fixed things around her house while her husband liked to cook and clean. Darn. I didn't marry someone who liked to cook and clean!

In the past week I have actually repaired two broken items!! Yay, me!! I put a new latch on our heavy duty storm door (the kind that actually has a lock on it!) AND today I replaced the toilet tank fill valve on one of our toilets! (I'll let you know if they hold up...)

Last month, I replaced the cartridge on a drippy bathroom faucet. Sigh. It still drips. Oh, and you have to turn the handle the opposite way to get it to turn on. I can fix the latter, but don't know why it is still drippy... except perhaps I need to replace the cartridge on the other handle?

My kids think I am a little too much like Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby show.... and far too slow getting things done in general - but at least I think I know when I am over my head. I did hire someone to put in a new toilet in another bathroom (we hadn't used that bathroom for years) and fix the tile under it where the wood warped. I'll be hiring someone to figure out why the shower in our bathroom was leaking through to the ceiling in the kitchen (we haven't used that shower in several years, either, and boy would it be nice to have it back again.)

I'm feeling a bit full of myself about my handy feats at the moment, although a little overwhelmed about life in general. That's for another day.


storybeader said...

yeah you! I hate plumbing problems, and I'm afraid of the tv! I learn those for DH. Oh, he cooks too! lol

Deronda designs... said...

You GO! Girls can do anything, don't you know? I grew up with a bunch of sisters, so we had to learn to do for ourselves. Of course, we had a great role model in my mom.

Orion Designs said...

Kudos on your accomplishments! Feels pretty good, doesn't it?