Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chair WIth Face

Originally uploaded by twentypoundtabby

"A cloth doll sized chair made with a Christine Shively pattern."

A little diversion from the polymer clay - found the blog of twenty pound tabby via entrecard dropping (which is taking up a lot of my time, because I wind up reading the blogs...) and from there, her flickr account.

This gorgeous piece is made of cloth and, I'm assuming, wood. Wouldn't it be a great inspiration for a polymer clay piece? (wheels turning....)


Artisan Beaded & Wire Wrapped Jewelry said...

Um, this sorta creeped me out. I think I'd always feel like the eyes were poking me in the back.

Pips said...

I thought it was polymer at first! Just imagine making the canes needed for something like that! Breathtaking.

twenty pound tabby said...

Fortunately it's way too small for anyone human to sit in it. The face is painted on silk, the hands and purple puffs are silk, the other cloth parts are cotton, there's four wooden legs and two wooden parts to the arms. Even though it's not a completely original pattern, it is one of my favorite dolls.