Thursday, August 7, 2008

Butterfly Mania

It's a good time to shop at my etsy store if you are a fan of butterflies! I made quite a few this past month, and recently listed some of that "flock"!


melissa said...

These are quite stunning. I would love to know how you do this, but wont be offended if you dont share. I am not a pendant girl, but I do have to say these are quite lovely. I will be saving this blog, so I can come back and remind myself to look at them, maybe buy one if I get some spare money.

Jael said...

I wouldn't mind telling you... but I don't think there is room on my blog for it!!

It's millefiori canework in polymer clay; I made the butterfly wings as a cane, sliced thin slices from it, placed them on a polymer clay base, and sculpted a body out of white clay.

For more detailed information on polymer clay caning, I recommend going to polymer clay central (it's in my links section)


melissa said...

I think I will just buy one of yours, if I want one. That sounds a bit complicated. I will check out your store very soon. Thanks for not being shy to share some tips.

Leslie said...

wow they are beautiful! I like all the different color & design you added to them. Great pieces.