Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day.... SALE on JUST BEADS

Check it out!! You get 15% off anything you purchase on the Just Beads website!! (regardless of the seller - it's covered by

" will be celebrating our 9th Anniversary on Monday May 26 2007 and we invite everyone to participate in the festivities! As a way of expressing our gratitude to each and every one of you, we will be offering a 15% discount to anyone who purchases a "BuyitNow" auction from any seller between 00:00:01AM and 11:59:59PM (Eastern time) on May 26th.
  • BUYERS: We hope that you will take advantage of the 15% discount to purchase some of the awesome beads that can be found here at! Please let all of your friends know about it as well! All you need do is deduct the 15% from the price of the bead(s) purchased and send payment to the seller for the price of the bead minus the 15% discount. (Shipping is NOT included in the discount offer). There is NO LIMIT to the quantity or total dollar amount of items you may purchase.
  • SELLERS: We hope that you will make certain that you have plenty of items posted as "BuyitNow" auctions. Sellers should post items at their regular prices and deduct 15% from the final sale price, (shipping is NOT included in the calculation of the 15% discount). It will be the responsiblity of the SELLER to notify of all item numbers for which they have provided a discount. Upon notification, JustBeads will credit seller accounts for the full dollar amounts discounted.
  • Other exciting festivities are also planned so make sure that you check back with us often for announcements.
  • Bettina and I, (on behalf of all of our behind the scenes staff), would like to thank each of you for your support over the years in helping to make the huge success that it has become. With your help in getting the word "out there", and your continued support, the sky is the limit!
    Thank you! ... Thank you! ... Thank you!"

I have listed 4 items:

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