Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Reader!! Who knew?

My friend Kelly says I need to update my blog. She's right!!

And so often I have wished I could keep up with checking all the other blogs out there that I've enjoyed; but the thought of clicking on each one and waiting for it to load (I have an elderly computer) kept me from it. No more!!

Now, thanks to Cat Therien, I know about Google Reader!! What a cool tool!

What Google Reader does is put all your blogs on one page - you add subscriptions (I'm still in the process of adding them to my reader), and it tells you on one part of the page how many new posts there are on each blog, and shows the blog entries on the other part of the page.

Click on the blog you want to peruse, and there they are... shortened versions of all those posts. Then, if you want to read it all, see it ALL, you click on the post title itself and there you are, at the actual blog. You only go to the blog entries you really want to see!

I know, I get way too excited about little things... humor me!!


catherien said...

Well shoot, I thought you knew!!! LOL!!! It's a great tool when you have alot of blogs to look through each week. I don't often get time to comment, but it sure helps me keep up with what's going on in everyone's lives. Hope it makes your life just a teensy bit easier.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

I love the Google Reader... I found this post today because I have your blog in my reader. Now that I have it I would never go back!

Christie said...

Google Reader is the best blog helper EVER!! I have 51 subscriptions and add more each week. I could NEVER keep up with 51 blogs by clicking thru to each blog (like with Blogroll) each day. I have it as a widget on my iGoogle homepage even. I'm addicted. LOL!