Monday, April 14, 2008

PCAGOE - or polymer clay guild of etsy (street team)

I had promised to expand on the polymer clay street team in yesterday's blog, but darned if the day didn't get away from me and here it is Monday!!!

I am finally learning a little more about how to get "around" in the guild's many areas. I have now found out that, besides the PCACOE website, there are 2 flickr groups: the main group and a group for challenge photos. Chatter occurs on the main flickr group, and if you do a search in the etsy forums for PCAGOE, you can find many forum threads as well.

This month's challenge theme is Floral - with the idea that Mother's Day is just around the corner. I have a feeling that most polymer clayers will have no problem with this theme - I know I won't.

One thing to keep in mind about pcagoe is that, because it is not just a street team, it's a guild, there are twice-yearly dues... which could be a "good thing" in the long run, deterring people from joining and never participating. When you pay for something, you have to think a tiny bit about joining. Right?

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