Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KLEW Inspiration

The other day I watched a 2001 video by KLEW (Karen Lewis) on how she makes her "drum" beads. Then I made a couple for myself, keeping it pretty simple.

This is the first instructional video I have ever watched. I've watched clips on YouTube of this and that, but no full-length videos. I borrowed this one from a friend (thanks Susan!)

The video made me realize just how far technology has come - the quality of the picture is nothing like a digital recording! Some videos on YouTube are clearer and crisper!

That aside, it was relaxing to watch the beads being made. What I liked most about this video is that it did not cover the basics - it assumed that you knew how to make canes and condition clay. I wasn't in the mood to watch a demonstration of the basics. I know how to do those things. If you don't, this would not be a good instructional video to start with. Fun to watch, but not a beginner video.

I don't know why, but I have had a phobia about antiquing, which is covered in the video. I'd start out with a bead I planned on antiquing, and then I'd decide that it really didn't need it - it looked fine the way it was.

I did it! I'm not staying it looks fabulous, but I did do it, and now I want to do more!


DivaDea said...

They DO look fabulous!

Jael said...

*smile* you are very kind :)