Monday, March 10, 2008

Round beads...

Some of the beads from the previous post, sanded and buffed. I'm not crazy about the process, but I sure do enjoy the results! I'm thinking of making some bracelets, but I need to wait for some new clasps to arrive in the mail.

I've been attempting to make some jewelry out of some of the stash of beads I bought before I got hooked on hand-made beads, for our church bazaar (people are looking for bargains) but I forgot that the less expensive crimp beads (some of them) are not very sturdy, and cheaper stringing wire kinks easily. Oh, and from time to time one of the "lampwork" beads will crack for no reason - except that they were not annealed! This is one thing I have learned from the people on my ebay groups. All beads and supplies are not created equal!!

So, I do what I can. These bracelets will be dirt cheap, and I'll get some practice stringing. And a reminder never to buy "lampwork" beads from a hobby store ever again (I had already decided that long ago)

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Sky Girl Style said...

Nice work Jael. I've never tired polymer clay before, but I love the results!