Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Plastic storage unit + polymer clay

I purchased a cheap seven drawer plastic storage unit at our local wally world, thinking that if I could just get my clay in one place, in a unit that rolled, I'd be really cookin' with gas.... I could move the unit as I sorted out the rest of the room!

FYI: plastic storage units were not meant to be packed with polymer clay.

When I could not get the bottom drawer to go back in towards the end of the sorting, I noticed that the unit was listing somewhat. Okay. Buckling somewhat. I hastily pulled out a couple of the larger drawers and I could almost hear the storage unit sigh with relief. *Phew*

I'm thinking I have way more clay than I need, since the unit did not have enough room for all of my clay; I still have two small plastic storage boxes full that did not fit.

Oh, and did I mention that I still have a couple of banker's boxes full of partially used blocks? Those are going to a friend.

This is what happens when your world is cluttered: "I can't find any more yellow/white/black/etc. I must be out... there's a sale... I'll go get some..." of course, not finding some and actually being out are two very different things....

Oh, and I sorted through my clay canes. I'm positive there are more downstairs hiding...

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