Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Eve

Well, looks like another year has come and gone. One day left until 2008.

I haven't had much time to clay in the past several days. Perhaps tomorrow, who knows?

Visited with my parents and my brother's family yesterday - dinner was great, until cleanup brought plumbing problems and my poor brother and dad struggled to figure out where the hold up was. Looks like roto-rooter time, roots growing in the pipes...

Mom and dad went to sleep early, but my brother's family and mine had a blast playing "True Colors" and "Loaded Questions". Both are great games for playing with people you know!

Update on "Etched"clay beads:
Gudrun reminded me in her comment that the faux etching technique was presented in Donna Kato's new book. I received the book in a swap a few months ago, but haven't tried any of the techniques, yet. I couldn't remember where I had seen it, so thanks, Gudrun!!


August said...

You may want to call someone other than Roto Rooter. I'm having serious problems with them right now:

Jael said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I doubt he will call an actual roto rooter to come out. Probably someone who does that sort of work... or he'll try to do it himself... LOL