Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Etched" clay necklace

Kette / Necklace
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Dig this cool necklace by Gudrun Stolz... I know there is a tutorial somewhere, perhaps in one of my books, on how to "etch" polymer clay. If/when I find it, I'll post where!!

I'm so darn tired. My husband found a couple of books to give me for Christmas - he's amazingly good at it - and I have been reading far into the night/morning. This is why I rarely start a book: I have a tough time stopping until it's read.

Then this morning I was awakened by a phone call from the computer place evaluating my son's computer. Tuesday, when my son went to start up his computer to put songs on his new mp3 player (Christmas present), the computer made some very baaaaaaad noises and would not boot. The news was not good... his 6 year old computer hard drive motor has gone kaput.

Oh, and sadly he had not backed up his itunes's gone.

It really was time for a new computer. We know that. $$$$ Good thing he got a scholarship for this year at Parkland College...

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gudrun said...

this necklace isn't etched - it's stamped! and the tutorial can be found in donna kato's latest book!
greetings gudrun