Thursday, December 6, 2007

Changing scenery

Well, the snow has begun to fall, so the scenery is changing outside. Here is a picture of our house in last year's snow storm, the mailbox buried from the drifts and the snowplow. I remember digging out the mailbox and then having the snowplow fill the space in...

After my episode with the hackers, I'm thinking I need to change some of my own scenery. I've been playing with a change of names that better describes what it is that I do. I'm also planning on moving my blog once I finally get the new one looking just like I want it to.

I like the name "jael's artjewels" because I'd rather have the emphasis on the art rather than the jewels.... I don't actually sell jewelry, at least not at the moment. We'll see how this name feels after I wear it around the house for a few days (grin)

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