Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Smokey" mokume gane

I was looking through some old listing photos from my hard drive ...yeah, yeah, I was taking a break from cleaning the house *cough* can you say "procrastination?" and decided to share these two from 2005.

I believe I made an actual mokume gane block with translucent layers and thin layers of black to achieve this look. I layered slivers over different colors.

I am packing up my clay from the kitchen table so we can eat there when my mother in law comes (Two days from now!!!). It's truly a pain, and boring, and tedious... but I suspect in the end it will be a "good thing".

I have been talking about reclaiming my craft room for... oh, about a year? I have this big table with a large sheet of glass on it up there. Can't see it, but it's there!! So if I can get that cleared off, my little television moved into place, my canes organized...

...who am I kidding? Sigh. Maybe tomorrow I will believe it can be done...

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