Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back in "the day"

I remember when I first started claying, I loved the concept of canes. This was... I'm thinking 1994 or '95. I had no computer, just The New Clay and my brain.

Oh, and lots and lots of Fimo. That's Fimo before there was a Fimo soft. No pasta machine, either. I remember mixing progressively lighter and lighter shades of a color to make a blend.

These barrettes and pins are my first larger pieces - I found the pictures on my hard drive. I called them my "Garden" series and had no real intention of selling them. I did sell one to the woman who owned the bead shop where I learned of and learned how to polymer clay.
I sure didn't know when to stop *wink* Don't know how they would stay in anyone's hair, not lightweight, I'm sure...
I was so pleased!! You know, I still am. I'm sure they are around somewhere... in my craft room... someday I'll dig them out. God alone knows when. But SOMEDAY!!!

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