Thursday, April 12, 2018

The love of polymer clay canes

I'm getting over a respiratory illness that my dad was kind enough to share with me. Thanks, dad.

Here is what's been going through my mind, though, since I have zero energy to create anything at the moment: CANES. My first love. So cool, a design that goes through a log and gets sliced off to be used a million times (or until the cane is gone).

There are so many amazing cane creators. If you never want to make a cane yourself, you can still make incredible things with canes purchased from people who make canes for a living. Ivy Niles is one of these people, and her company name is ikandi clay. She creates intricate mandalas, flowers, leaves, and a myriad of critters as well as little bits and pieces to adorn whatever you are creating. I highly recommend a look at her Etsy shop and her Facebook page if you want to see an expert caner's work!

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