Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 2 of 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Yes, I know - I did not post a week one! I'm hoping to catch up and post an extra piece to make up for that lost week.

This piece is an extension of my doodling creations. I used a vase that I found in my stash that had an interesting shape and went to town. I photographed it from different sides - this is all one vase. I love it, and it may have a buyer.


Divya N said...

Oh this is so gorgeous like right out of a fantasy movie

SilverstoneLt Jewelry said...

Really beautiful!!!

BluMoon said...

These are just stunning I love the shapes and colours, I didn't know there was a Polymer Clay Challenge, I would have loved to have a go!

Lynda LaFon said...