Monday, September 27, 2010

The mind is working...

If only I could get the hands to start creating. I have vines and leaves on my mind lately. Ideas pop up at weird times, when I can't write them down - like when I'm driving. I see company logos on trucks, vans and billboards ("put up a bill board upon a hill, because those billboards give me such a thrill" - a song from camp, am I scattered?) and they make me think of shapes I could use in my claying.... if I were getting to the table!!!

My living space is as scattered as my mind. Or maybe my mind is scattered and cluttered because of my scattered and cluttered living space?

Caring for 2 more people, who have lots of appointments and lots of needs, is making it hard for me to focus on anything.


"Slip slidin' away...
Slip slidin' awaaaaaay....
You know the nearer your destination,
the more you're slip slidin' awa-a-a-y"

Slip Slidin' Away
by Paul Simon

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