Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reorganizing priorities. A mouthful and a mindful.

My mom is coming to live with me in 2 days. My dad will follow in a month. Changes are brewing; fermenting even as we speak.

I've given away the equivalent of 20 or more rubbermaid style totes full of fabric and batting. There is more.

As a pack-rat, or magpie, I have turned a blind eye to the accumulation of stuff for more years than I dare to count. Now that I'm pulling things out and sorting, I ask myself: how many staplers, staple removers, pens, pencils, markers, post-it notes and other office supplies does a family of four need? How about magazines? Paint brushes? Old newspapers? And am I ever going to find the piece of equipment that the little baggie of (what the heck?) metal parts belongs to? Should I really save it just in case?

The real question, a deeper one, that I ask myself now - one that helps me pare down in a big way - is this: what's more important, the thingamabobs and whatchamacallits or my parents' comfort? And the answer there is easy.

The surprising reward to all of this is that it's making my life less complicated even as I'm adding more people to my household. Who would have guessed that having less would make me happier?

So I've packed up a boxful of those art and craft supplies to go to someplace where they can be used. I'll continue to put together boxes of fabric and yarn, and toss the excess junk that no one else will want.

The Beanie Babies? Off to soldiers overseas to pass out to kids there, soon.

While I'm tossing and adjusting, I'll be around my etsy street teams less. Claying less. Just sayin'

Hugs to my loyal readers (wink wink)


Elaine said...

Loyal reader but not an active commenter ;)

Having moved about 8 times in the last 10 years (and not at all in the last 5) I have kept my packrat tendencies to a minimum. I still know I'll be paring back when we move this summer!

I'm impressed that you've taken the steps to trim down the household clutter to welcome your parents. It's so true that it's easier to live with a little less - more space, less mental clutter, less maintenance. And it sounds like other people will get some good use and joy from your de-cluttering.

Alisa said...

What a wonderful post. That's quite the silver lining you've found. Family issues always have a way of refocusing me. Good luck with your new "tenants." It sounds like they will be more than just comfortable, they will be home.