Sunday, December 28, 2008

I haven't run away.... yet!

My friend, KellyK, says that people who read my blog will think I've run away (people read my blog?), which is her subtle way of saying "hey, you should update your blog!"

I'm currently at my brother and sister-in-law's home, where my parents are temporarily staying while we look for a home to share in Champaign, IL. (which, by the way, is not as easy as I thought it would be... the finding of one, that is) We are entertaining the idea of building a master suite on to our first floor. The problem is, it would not be completed for 6 months... at least... because it wouldn't be started until spring.


Another problem is that one of the cats my parents want to bring into the combined household (three cats are currently still at their old house, people are stopping by to feed them) is. and apparently has been for a while, spraying. Mom has already had to give up 3 of their 8 cats to other (good) homes, and I don't know if she can take losing another.

The cat is a sweet boy, very interesting face and markings. Shy, but once he warms up to you he's a lover. He was an outdoor cat, probably dumped, he's been neutered. What to do? Any suggestions? (And I'm not even going to publish or answer comments that say to euthanize him)

These are just a few of the items that keep me up at night. I lay in bed, trying to come up with workable solutions. I draw plans for an addition in my head. I imagine how we might fit into one of the houses I have looked at and what it will be like fixing up our current house to sell it in this wonderful economy. Eventually I go to sleep.

I've made some new beads. I just can't seem to get my act together, the umph to photograph them and list them.

So, perhaps I've satisfied Kelly and confused the heck out of my (ahem) hoards of readers. Hmmmm?


dylinn said...

I read your blog every time you update (my Google Reader keeps me infomred) ... you very often makes me smile and I love your dragonflies. I am sending good thoughts for you, parents, houses and cats. Hang in there.

Alisa said...

I read your blog as well. I love your polymer clay work! When my kids are having a hard time with something (they are 20,19,16 and 13) I tell them to "just keep moving forward." I know it sounds trite, but somehow things work out. Good luck, I know it's a difficult time.

Deronda designs... said...

Me too! I mean I also read your blog and love your beads. You have so much going on right now~just don't forget to take care of yourself~