Sunday, December 14, 2008

Change is in the air, I can feel it. OUCH!!

First, I'd like to say: Congratulations to Alissa for winning my pendant! Alissa is a fellow member of the polymer clay artists guild of etsy street team (what a mouthful, I know) pcagoe for short.

Things are rather up in the air these days at my house. We had planned on purchasing a new house where we could live with my parents and care for them, but the search hasn't been fruitful yet. Nice houses, just not quite what we need.

Add to that the fact that it appears that although my father has been released from the hospital (he and my mom are staying with my brother and his wife), he is not strong or physically stable (a fall risk). His parkinson's disease is causing him to shake quite a bit, and his sleep is disturbed by sleep walking (not a good combo).

I've been sorting through my accumulated debris bit by bit. The toughest area is for me is the craft department - yes, I could have my own store. I'm parting with most of my fabric. Can you hear the ripping sound? It's hard to do, even though I am giving it to great charitable causes. Even though I know that my life will be better. Even though I couldn't possibly use what I have if I lived 5 lifetimes.

I'll continue to do this, even if we do not wind up moving this year, because we will move sometime in the next 5 years or so. My husband is 60. The kids are growing up. The rabbits are getting on in years. My knees are not in great shape. We'll want a smaller place, on one level, at some point.


Deronda said...

Ooooh, that is some pretty fabrics. Glad you found a good cause that will benefit.

Jael said...

Well, those are not my fabrics LOL!! I just found a picture of fabric online and posted it... But my fabric is very pretty, too ;)