Sunday, November 16, 2008

I want to be where you are... and I want the earrings, too.

I'm in the midst of cleaning for my mother in law's visit and all sorts of other craziness having to do with family. Perhaps you could say I'm copping out by posting lovelies by other artists. Do you care? (wink)

Patty of Broken Teepee Designs, (one of my fellow artisan beaders street team members) lives on a farm in Montana. Now, I've never been to Montana, but these earrings make me want to go and visit. Look at all the green behind the gorgeous earrings!

Okay. I also want the earrings. Check them out on etsy!


Orion Designs said...

Those earrings are quite spectacular ... and a very good reason to go to Montana!

fredcat said...

You guys are the best...thanks so much.
And thank you Jael for writing about my new earrings.

Beadsme said...

Mmmm they are pretty.

Sweetwater Designs said...

Beautiful blues in these drops..really lovely!