Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tagged... Oh, dear... what now? ;)

I've been tagged by Triz of Triz Designs and by Sue of Signature Sterling.

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Seven facts...

1) I started out in college as a music major.

2) My entire family fights depression and anxiety on a daily basis.

3) When I was a child, I used to have dreams where I was saving people - my family, people I knew, strangers - from disasters such as fires and car accidents. I'd die, and watch my funeral. I also dreamed I had enough money to feed and house all the hungry, homeless people in the world.

4) Although we have 5 house rabbits, I did not want to take in the first one... my husband okay'd it, to my chagrin. He's been paying for it ever since. It got me into domestic rabbit rescue and human education for a while. (grin) At one point we had 13 foster rabbits in our home.

5) My father thought I should be a greeting card designer at one point.

6) I'm overweight, and have been for most of my life. I don't hate myself for it. Most of the time.

7) I tend to jump from one art medium or craft to another. Polymer clay is the first medium I've stuck with for any length of time. So, I have: fabric, hemp, beads, candlemaking stuff, dried flowers, batting, paint, wood, stained glass.......

Seven people...

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BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed reading about you! Five house rabbits sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not as interesting but I'll come up with something about me and post about it in the near future!

Mayhem said...

Good random facts! Rabbits kinda scare me...especially since a rabbit bit my niece's finger and it basically split in 2 length-wise. eep! So after she got all healed up...first thing she did...stick her finger in a rabbit's mouth *sigh*

Jael said...

I was afraid of the first rabbit we took in (from the garage sale across the street...). Afraid I would hurt her, afraid I would get bitten. Over the years I have overcome those fears. I've been bitten, but I totally understand why it happened. They are prey animals, and that's the only way they can protect themselves...