Tuesday, September 16, 2008


They say we women go from being taken care of (as children) to taking care of others (husband, children) to taking care of our parents, to being taken care of again.

Currently I'm in the middle role - taking care of others, my parents. My dad went into the hospital for pain in his hip severe enough that he couldn't sit up or walk. My mom walks with a walker and has back, leg, and shoulder pain, and dad has been taking care of her. So with dad in the hospital, we children who live close to them (my brother, who lives in the next town with his wife, and me, 90 miles away) play tag team, as we generally do when something like this comes up.

Tag. I'm it. (my brother and sister in law are also around and about doing stuff)

I have several things I want to blog about - one being the kind nomination by Melissa for an "I love your blog" award - but they will have to wait.

Maybe I'll take some pictures of my parents' 7 cats and post them in the next several days... if I have the time and energy. Meanwhile, my daughter has kindly agreed to do a little entrecard dropping for me. Yay, Sarah!


Pippa said...

Jael, don't forget to take care of you too! I know what it's like, I am looking after my Mum too, she is 84 and just starting to find things a little difficult - not bad for 84!

Melissa said...

It is tough to see our parents, be needy. My mom suffers from Fibromyalgia, and it was a rough 8 yrs or so, before she was able to get back on her feet completely. Best wishes to your Dad, and take care of yourself, too.