Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Power of a Good Photo

This lovely heart was just relisted on Etsy tonight. It was also sold tonight!

I love this heart; however, it sat in my Etsy store for about a year! Then I took new pictures and relisted it... I had scans up before. Voila!

I'm more and more convinced that the right picture of a quality item can make or break a sale. I just wish it didn't take 15 to 20 pictures for me to get things just right!!!

I took new photos for this and another listing. I'm working on new photographs for several more.

(psst: this was a "Hearts to God", which means that the proceeds go into our deacon's discretionary fund for those in need!!)

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Chrisbeads said...

We recently had a great talk from a photographer at our local Bead Society. Some of his tips were simple and made a huge difference to my photos.
Use natural light if possible - not too sunny though.
Use the Manual setting on the camera and turn off the flash.
Put the camera on a tripod and use the timer function.
Set the camera on the close up function.
Hope this helps you.