Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from vacation.... sigh...

We decided to take our little 2001 Toyota Prius rather than our Ford Windstar Minivan, when we figured out the difference in the cost of gas alone for the 1000 mile trip out to Rhode Island to visit my husband's family.

Four adults. Packed for a 10 day vacation. One little trunk. I bought a car carrier, but my husband felt we could fit all of the stuff into the trunk. I was skeptical.

vacation trunk leaving on vacation

He was right. However, not an inch to spare.

On the way home we had this much to pack:

packed for trip home

and we did. Sort of. Some of it had to go on the floor near our feet. And when we stopped for the night at a hotel that was across the street from an outlet mall, we had to admit, it was hardly worth going there... there was no room for another thing in the car...

vacation trunk going home

The ocean we left:

For those of you who have not been to the beach, or those who miss it... I decided to do a few "movies" on my digital camera documenting the ocean waves.

I haven't gotten completely back into the swing of things yet - haven't touched clay since I got back. That will come tomorrow, I suspect!

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