Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clay Play at the Castle's

Clay cane by Sue Castle:
Today I attended a "Clay play day" at my friend (and former student from Michael's, although she probably taught me more than I taught her) Sue Castle's home. Also in attendance: Sue's sister Gail and their friend Reni.

I had planned on just visiting while the rest of the gang played, since dragging all of my equipment downstairs from my craft room and back up did not appeal to me. However, there was an empty place at Sue's table with a tile, with clay sitting in front of it.... and the lure of clay was too great.

I watched, fiddled with clay, and talked as the three ladies each built a rainbow quilt cane. When they were done with their canes, I took one of the cane ends and fiddled with it and twisted it - and since one of the things we had talked about was Natasha beads, I sliced it. Cool results!

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