Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jeanette Richmond

I may not be gettin' busy with my clay, but my friend, Jeanette Richmond (aka "clayhappy") sure is!

Jeanette is the featured artist for January 2008 on Just Beads.

Jeanette works really hard to make her beads clean, smooth, and professional looking. For her "plain" clay beads, she generally sands and polishes them to a high shine and does not use a varnish or other coating.

Now she is playing around with resin, and having a great time!! These cute panda beads are up for sale on right now, and are a mixed-media set including polymer clay and resin.

***As for me, I'm still not in clay mode. I seem to be having some back problems (maybe a pinched or irritated nerve) which, I'm sure, are not helped by this fat ol' belly in front... Back pain could be the catalyst to get me on a weight loss track. Ouch.***

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