Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brushing off the dust...

It's so hard to get back into the swing of things when you've had to stop for a bit. I have to take my brain out of storage and brush off the dust and get back to blogging!

For consideration, then, a bowl of beads I'm very pleased with. The down side is that my back took a beating from the sanding I did on Saturday and I paid dearly on Sunday and Sunday night. I guess I need to do sanding in small doses rather than in batches... I sanded about 20 beads that night.

Fortunately, I've been doing better since then. I just have to be careful. Sigh. I have more beads waiting to be baked. I want to get a pan full before I put them in.

The mokume gane beads in the picture were made with some older Van Aken Polyclay (before it was called Kato!) and I was very happy with the finished product. I had to get past the horrible new-vinyl odor, which is the reason I never really worked with it much before.

Yesterday I gave blood. This is a critical time to donate, because donations are down and supplies are low after the holidays. Take some time, save a life!

Now, for your viewing pleasure... Hershey and the raisin dance!! He gets one raisin per day. If he gets too many, his digestive system is thrown out of whack. So my husband gives him one raisin when he comes home from work. To call Hershey a raisin addict would be an understatement... Enjoy!

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biomaverick85 said...

Hershey is sooo cute. :-) And your beads are wonderful. I wish I could make things like that...