Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some things just work..

I'm still at my parents' house, perusing my old auction photos.

This heart just "worked". I have not been able to duplicate this translucency or the metallic red to my satisfaction. Maybe I'm not meant to? (Riiiight!) Actually, I'm pretty sure I used Premo bleached translucent (now Frost), and didn't use it in its pure form in a cane again because once it cooled it tended to crack and resist reduction. But gosh, it sure is clear...

I loved that translucent flower. I think I remember how I made it.

I'm not the kind of person who documents what I do, and I'm not the kind of cook who follows a recipe to the letter. I like to think it's because I like the SURPRISE! factor. However, it doesn't make me a very good teacher I suppose... I'm likely to say "try it and see how it works" when a person asks me exactly what would happen "if" or what proportions I used to make a color.

If something goes terribly wrong, I don't know how to avoid it. Oh, and when I do something I like.... I don't know how to duplicate it!

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