Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a few "before" pictures

I have been working on the space so it looks better, now. Marginally. No after pictures, yet. These photos are of the clay area. The one on the left is looking across the table. The one on the right is the right side of the table and a little bit of the shelving.

I have not yet brought the downstairs portion upstairs; this is what I left upstairs and have been dreading facing for months and months. Maybe even a year.

I am uploading a video I took with my camera before I started sorting and tossing. Notice that I almost trip over debris as I'm walking in. I decided not to narrate it. I'd love to hear from others who understand where I'm coming from....

I almost have enough room cleared now to start pulling some boxes down to pare down what's in them. Fabric doesn't do you much good if you have no room to put your sewing machine!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jael, that is too, too funny, in some ways, not in others. That would seem so overwhelming, where do you even start? I presume all your guests are gone now? How are your folks doing? I hope we can start having some clay days after the first of the year, I want to "play clay" with some friends. Hugs, Sue C

Anonymous said...

As I said privately, that is SO brave of you! You know I'm right there with you, habit-wise (there's SO much more interesting things to do than organize!). What we need is a blog dedicated to others of our ilk. "Clutterers Unite!!"


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jael! Sounds like you've been 'flywashed!' had made a big difference in my life, too!!


Jael said...

Thanks, Sue and Kelly :)

Mary, I've seen the website, but haven't visited it in years. Maybe now's the time? :)

Christie said...

Oh wow...that is a big task ahead of you. I just recently posted on my blog about my own workspace and asked my readers if they clay themselves into a tiny workspace like I do. And I see from your video that you do that too! LOL!