Saturday, September 29, 2007

Having way too much fun...

... with mokume gane again!! (This one's on ebay)

I had a lot of sheets left over with this color combo, so I went ahead and used them up.

Stayed home this weekend and started decluttering my living room (shudder, sneeze), and trying to get some beads listed to sell. As of this moment, I have one up on Just Beads, one on Etsy, and four on Ebay (taking advantage of the last couple of days of their listing sale).

Other news, I resigned my position as polymer clay instructor at Michael's. Too much going on with my parents' health, and I'm just not able to give the job the attention it needs.

I've always kind of wanted to offer a class a month on my own, at a place of my own choosing, with clay/supplies included in the price. I just don't know where to hold them. Something to research and plan for next year?

That, and getting a tax ID number so I can sell at the Urbana farmer's market in the summer.

So many dreams...

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