Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bead and Button Show pictures?


I'm afraid I walked around the show and wound up dealing with bead overload!! I wanted it all!!

At the tail end, I suddenly said to my daughter "I haven't taken any pictures!!"

Sigh. When I use some of my newly acquired beads, I'll be sure and post pictures. In the meantime, I'll just name drop!

I did get to see Lisa Pavelka, whom I had met at last year's CHA show in Chicago.

I also met Christi Friesen, who was demonstrating her sculptural whimsical turtle beads. What a delightful lady! Her books are so much fun to read, too. This is the book I'm using to base the turtle sculpture class at the end of July at Michael's: A little aside, from one who used to rescue domestic rabbits: If you do decide you'd like to order one of her books, I would ask that you order it from Amazon.com, using a link at the House Rabbit Society's website. Access amazon.com through any of their links and 5% of the purchase price of anything you buy goes to HRS. They do great work, and it's an easy way to help out!

Okay, back to Bead and Button. I also met Karen Lewis and fondled her beads (get your mind out of the gutter) and saw the lovely beads created by Twocan Clay. What amazing canes! Also met Grant Diffendaffer (great name, super beads).

My daughter and I bought silver and copper, as well as some pearls to decorate our turtle and dragon beads (which we will be making in copious amounts, judging by the number of strands we bought...). Also some resin beads to try and decorate with polymer clay. Chain, too...

Looking at the bag of stuff we purchased, you'd think we hardly spent any money at all.... hahahahaha

Bead overload. Truly.

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