Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Mokume Gane

Something about the randomness of mokume gane calls to me from time to time. My muse is stalled, but the desire to create remains... so I roll out the layers of tinted translucent with copper leafing in between, press craters into the bottom layer, and see what slices off the top.

A friend of mine characterizes us both as magpies... well, the joy of seeing that leafing popping through satisfies the magpie in me as well!!

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Isom said...

I know this is from back in 2007 but had to comment. I absolutely love the look of this bead. It reminds me of a dream I had of a carved jade statue. It was of a Chinese women & through the jade ran rivulets of opal, gleaming through the light green.

The copper metal running 'through' this bead reminds of the statue in my dream. I know opal veins aren't found in jade but when I saw your bead, I thought it was the closest thing I'd ever seen in real to it. Very, very beautiful - as is all your work!!