Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cat Therien's Butterfly cane tutorial.... inspiration

and motivation.

I believe I have neglected to recognize publicly the inspiration for my butterfly cane beads my friend Cat! Click here---> C. A. Therien

I had tried some butterfly canes before, with mixed success. One turned out fantastic, and the rest were just not what I'd hoped. I kind of pushed that goal to the side, but when I saw Cat's tutorial in Bead Unique magazine, I bought the magazine and decided to give it another try.

I am very contrary, and tend to look at instructions as suggestions. (Not so good when putting together furniture, by the way) I was able to follow MOST of what she said to do, with my own modifications. But I would not have even attempted it, had I not had the article to get me moving.

I made a blue butterfly cane, and then a monarch cane. After that, I made a translucent cane. So. Thank you, Cat!! You are a good friend, and a wonderful teacher.


Clare said...

What stunning pendants, beautiful.

Charlene ("Cat") Therien said...

Thanks so much for the comments on my Butterfly Cane article in Bead Unique magazine! I love the way you incorporate that wing cane, taking what works for you and leaving the rest. Your work is beautiful and really shines.

Kristy said...

That is amazingly beautiful! Even though you used the tutorial, your own talent shines through! Is it at all possible that you could maybe scan the tutorial and send it to me? I know it's alot to ask, but they are so awesome, I can't resist! I would appreciate it so much. My email is

Jael said...

Kristy - I encourage you to check with Bead Unique to see if you can get a back issue of the last issue which has the tutorial in it.

Thanks for your interest!